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Diane - The picture of JSS is one I took in 1980. So glad I got one before it started falling down! I can look at that and smell the wood floors with the dust-down stuff and see Horace pushing the broom! Was his wife Minnie Pearl? I had my first oreo in that lunch room! To this day I don't like a paper cutter - there was a monster one in the hall outside Mr.Swindell's office - I just knew that blade was going to fall down and cut my head off! ~~ Martha Ann Murray ~~

John Small School People.

Mrs. Douglas's 2nd grade class - Future WHS Class of 1960 -- Class Athletes - see image.

Mrs. Douglas taught 2nd grade and she was elderly when I had her. That was my first year at JSS - went to St. Agnes for kindergarten and 1st grade. ~~ Martha Ann Murray~~

Here's my best guess without digging out my year book;

Front Row, left to right: Mitchell Whitley, ?? , Irma Whitaker, JoAnn Smith, ?? , Bobby Murphy, ?? ,Skipper Hudson. ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , Anna Crump Alligood,

Second row: Phyllis Warner, Betty Coward, Alma Earle Hill, ?? , Ted Hall, Tommy White, Gene Tuten, David Barton, ?? ,

Third row: ?? , Skipper Duke, Larry Windley, ?? , Pyllis O'Neal, Ann Marshburn, Lynette, ?? , ?? ,

Beside teacher: Barbara Duke, Patsy Duke I have no clue which one is Martha Ann. I e-mailed her, but she hasn't replied yet. Which one do you think she is? Is that Kent Buckman with his are around Larry? ~~ Sylvia Kohus ~~
I am rolling in the floor at the expression on Bobby Murphy's face. He looks like a little old man...... ~~ Rex Wheatley ~~
I think Martha Ann is standing beside Ted Hall. I don't think Gene Tuten is right - I think that is Mike Willis I think that is Kent hugging Larry. ~~ Skipper Duke ~~
You are right, Skipper, that does look like Mike. and that is Kent. But that isn't Martha Ann. She isn't in the photo. She said she started school late and the pic had already been taken. I am heading out for a ministerial continuing education workshop to day and won't be back until Sat. y'all have a good week. Love you all, ~~ Sylvia Kohus ~~
I have to tell you..........everytime I look at this picture I ROFL, when I look at Bobby Murphy(front row center). That is a pose and a stare for the ages! I think the boy had too many cups of coffee that morning! ......and TW I have a question, was Ted standing on a box? Another question or two. Who is the guy practicing the "shag" in the front row next to Troy? Who is the beautiful smile second row from the bottom on the far left? ~~ Rex Wheatley ~~
Rex, I don't think Ted was standing on a box, he just had a growing spurt about that time. You are right about Bobby Murphy, it is funny. ~~ Tommy White ~~
The shagger is Roger Woolard. None of us could recall the smiler. Yes, this is a much better image. thanks, Rex. ~~ Sylvia Kohus ~~
Rex, I don't know about the smile but the guy practicing the "shag" is Roger Woolard. ~~ Tommy White ~~
I know that we send mail that seems contrived with warmth about how much e-mail from friends means, but I have to say that when I opened my mail today I had sixty two messages. It made me feel great to know that old friends still care enough to share with me. THANK YOU! ~~ Tommy White ~~
We used to call Johnny Swindell "The Head" But it should have been Larry "The Head" Windley! ~~Skipper Duke ~~

Mrs. Keyes 5th grade class - Future WHS Class of 1960.

Left to right from the back:

Row 4: Bill Kinsey, James Brady, Sandra Waters, Phillip Alligood, Hugh Martin Sterling, Joanne Smith, Brenda Woolard, Martha Ann Williams, Adrian Waters, Bobby Sheppard.

Row 3: Rex Wheatley, Walter Hardison, Frances Tankard, Franke Kugler, Wallace Main, Richard Main,Jean Baynor, Donald Boyd.

Row 2: Doris Nelson, Steve Bowen, Wayne Ingalls, Larry Windley, Marvin Godley, Jackie Beach, Nolan Jefferson, Bernie Collins.

Row 1: Charity Howell, Joyce Everson, Billy Rayburn, Mary Long Daniel, Alma Earl Hill, Gene Edwards, Linda, Baker, Anna Crump Alligood, Troy Lane, Paul Moore, Jerry Smith. ~~ Sylvia Kohus & Martha Ann ~~


Mrs. Tripp's 1st grade class 1946/47 - Future WHS Class of 1958.

Left to right from the front:

From Left:
Second Row: (1) L.M. Odom (3) Geary Winstead (5) Fred Alligood (6) Phillip Norman

Third Row: (5) Danny Asby

Fourth Row: (4) Margaret Ann Sheppard (8) Lee Tankard ???

Fifth Row: (2) Kenneth Purser (6) Geneva Warren??? (7) Durwood Dixon

~~ Fred Alligood of Midlothian, VA ~~


Ms Douglas' Second Grade Class of 1947-48 - Future WHS Class of 1958.

From the front left:
Row 1: ?

Row 2: (3) Fred Alligood (7) Donald Windley ?

Row 3: (6) Leigh Francis (7) Albert Challis ?

Row 4: (1) Harold Harris (2) Richard Tripp (4) Mary Jo Sawyer (5) Barbara Waters (7) Lee Tankard ?

Row 5: (3) Philip Godfrey ? (7) Harry West ?

~~ Fred Alligood of Midlothian, VA ~~

Ms. Williams 5th Grade Class - Future WHS Class of 1960.

I found this yesterday. I don't know what year it is nor can I remember the teacher's name. ~~ Tommy White ~~
Who is the boy to the left of Oden Latham on thee front row? ~~Rex Wheatley ~~
REx.. I think it is Roger Woolard, ~~ Hugh Sterling ~~
I did not know any of you then but I think that Skipper Hudson, Oden Latham, Franke Kugler, Kathy Salle, and Nell Bowen are on first row. Tommy is on the second row as is Iris Tetterton and I can’t remember his name but he standing beside TW (Smith). I can see Nelson Sheppard, Tommy Edwards, Ted Hall, Judy Tyre and Lynda Jarvis and Bobby Sheppard. ~~ John Boyd ~~
That is Patricia Evans, not Franke. Genevieve Winstead is beside Iris and two down is Brexel smith. Phyllis Warner is in front of the teacher, one row down. ~~Sylvia Kohus ~~
Who is the Diva in the third row giving the camera the "comehitherlook?" She is right behind the boy with the "I think I just swallowed a bug" expression. ;-) LOL One girl has not changed much. She is still very recognizable from her high school pic (front row, second from right). That is Skipper Hudson, (second from left), but why is his friend holding his arm with two hands?? My pic for cutest is front row, boy third from left, and girl second from right. ~~ Diane Mason ~~
Looking in the year book, I believe the boy third from left front row could be Phillip Michael Willis. ~~ Diane Mason ~~
Good picks, Diane. Kathy Salle is the girl on the front row. I am not sure who that boy is, but he is cute. I have been wondering about the diva myself. She seems older than the rest and I don't recognize her. On Oden's left is Roger Woolard. It isn't Mike. I keep coming close to thinking of who it is and then it eludes me. I think it is someone who moved away .~~ Sylvia Kohus ~~
The boy you are talking about was named Johnny ? and was in my 5th grade class(Mrs.Keyes, annex). He moved to Williamston that summer.~~ Rex Wheatley ~~
You are right Rex. Johnny Gilbert. I had a crush on him, though no one knew that except Dottie Warren. ~~ Sylvia Kolus ~~
Third from the left front row does look Michael Willis. Is that Phyllis Warner beside the “comehitherlook” person. Looks like Genevieve Winsted beside Iris Tetterton. Is that Swindell Cratch standing on top row second from right? Are these 4th graders? ~~ John Boyd~~
The Diva reminds me of Beth Leach as she looked in the 9th grade class picture, but is the wrong age. Does she have a sister? ~~ Diane Mason ~~
Rex, your mentioning Beth living in Raleigh reminds me that there used to be a group/club/association of Washingtonians who lived in Raleigh that used to get togetherperiodically. All one needed to belong was to have been from here. Does that group still exist? ~~ Sylvia Kolus ~~
It use to be called "The Washington Club". We would meet every so often and have dinner and go to a ball game. It was started by Ford Worthy, Pappy Fowle, and Harry Stewart, Raymond Taylor. There were Mary Ethel Jacocks, Charlie Bowers, Alan Ramsey came a time or two and others but they were much younger. It is not active any more. I think Harry and Ford died..............I am not sure. There was just a huge age difference, that it was hard to identify with "a group", and the economic levels of some made it hard for others to get a handle on the whole thing. ~~ Rex Wheatley~~

Mrs. Ella Bonner's 2nd Grade class. Larger view

John Small School -- Future Senior Class of WHS 1959

Row l: #1-Charles Berry, #2-Rena Street Terrell, #3-the boy's last name was
either Kent or Kemp and he has some major health problems. I think he lived in
Washington Park.#4-Sam Long, #5-Joyce Everson, #6-Jimmy Everett "sitting on pillow"

Row 2: #1-Elbert Calcutt (on Pillow), #4-Tommy Tetterton, #7-Ginny Daniels

Row 3: #2-Cynthia Paramore, #3-Carol Lane Hawkins, #4- ??maybe Jane Scott,
#5-Patricia Ayscue, #6-Winkie Jackson

Row 4: #1-Larry Jones, #3-Kenneth Cox, #5-Bud Swain, #6-Virginia Harrell

Row 5: #1-Betsy Davis, #4-Mary Noe, #6-Zoph Potts

Maybe this will help some. I will try to identify some others and let you
know as soon as possible. ~~ Iris Lilley ~~


Mrs. Williams 5th grade class - Future WHS Class of 1954.


Ist. row: Pinkie Young, Gene Campbell, Paul?, Audrey Lewis, Bobby Sheppard, Anna Watson, Emily Francis, James Smith, Joe Lilley.
Between 1st and 2nd row are 4 boys: Colby Pippin, Bennie Waters, David Ormond and Lee Smith.
2nd row: Jane Gerard, Glenn Cox,(girl I think is Mary Haddock), William Main, Billy Corey, Milton Parker, Dhu Jennette.
3rd row: Beatrice Wallace, Princess Hart, Evelyn Waters, Margaret Alligood, ?, Velma Bridgman, ? .
4th row: Dalton Warner, Barbara Swindell, Shirley Tetterton, Donna McKinley, Pat Ross, ? .
Top row: A.D. Hadley, Mrs. Williams, Luther Waters, Shirley Woolard, Eva Chauncy, Odell Modlin, ? .
Submitted by:~~ Emily Santowasso - ~~

Location - First Christian Church - Future WHS Class of 1957.


This is the Kindergarten Class of 1944. It was held in the First Christian Church in Washington, NC. There was no other kindergarten in Washington at the time, therefore the students were not just members of the FCC. I should have been in this picture, but was absent with either chicken pox or measles. It's been so long ago, no one remembers which communicable disease it was. I was heart broken at not being in my class picture, but still enjoy looking at it now and then. I can name most of the children if you like. Several are deceased. I have other school class pictures if you are interested. Most are Elementary (John Small) and one is a Junior High picture. I live in Garner, NC and am really enjoying this site.
Thank you so much,~~ Kathryn Singleton - ~~
Most of this class graduated from WHS in 1957 and not 1958. I see one or two people who graduated in 1958, but that was probably because of a "late birthday". It is the '57 class. We apparently started the class in the Fall of '44, and finished in the summer of '45. Thanks a lot, this is a great site, especially for those of us who live away from "Little Washington".
Thanks,~~ Kathryn Everett Singleton -


- School Patrol at John H.Small 1947 - WHS class of 1954


Back row:Eddie West,Ryland Tankard,Joe Harris,Bobby Smith,"Rabbit Jackson. Front row:Emily francis,Dhu Jennette,Anna Warson,Paul?Blackburn,Elizabeth Oden,Stella Lambert,Beatrice Wallace.
Shared with us by: ~~ Emily Santowasso -

I think we must have been in the 6th grade and were selected by the teachers. I remember there was a captain who had a blue badge (Bobby Smith) and second in command whose badge was red. The others were silver. We helped monitor behavior in lunchroom, halls, and maybe even crossing the street. That is my memory which may be fading. I just remember being pleased to be one of the ones with a belt and badge. What fun to see all of the pictures.
Thank you.
LOL,Dhu (Duart Johnston)



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