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"In 1976, when the National Guard moved out of its 1936 Works Progress 
Administration (WPA) armory in the old river port of Washington, N.C., 
the triple wall, hard-fired brick building reverted to the city. For 17 
years the armory drill shed served as a garage for maintenance vehicles, 
as water leaked in from a badly repaired roof." This old Armory on East 
Main Street has been remodeled into Apartments.

The National Guard unit was not a long time Military Police Unit. 
It was an Artillery Unit in the 1960's when I was in the Guard. And 
this unit served in WWII when my Uncle was Sergeant Major. ~~ Tommy White ~~

Wasn't Joe Tom Kornegay an officer in this unit.? I think TW it became 
a MP unit in it's last years when the Guard had a major reorganization. 
~~ Rex Wheatley ~~ 

Yes, Kornegay may have been the commanding officer. Joe hassell and John 
Ratcliffe were in it also. I am sure there were many others. ~~ Sylvia Kohus ~~

Yes Rex I believe Joe Tom Kornegay was Colonial in the National Guard.~~ Tommy Everson ~~

My father was in the Guard Unit when they were mobilized in 1940.  
He spent a year at Fort Jackson, SC preparing the base for the upcoming 
conflict.  Joe Kornegay was one of their officers.  He was discharged 
in 1941 when they were demobilized after serving their one year of 
active duty. ~~ John Boyd ~~

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