Beaufort County's government consists of 7 commissioners and 1 county manager.  Each town within is Manager-Council governed.

County property taxes for the fiscal year currently are $.63 per $100 valuation.

As of April 2000, there are 17179 registered Democrats, 7056 registered Republicans, 2318 Unaffiliated, and 30 registered Libertarians.   Statistically, the Libertarian Party shows the largest percentage growth of the three parties; although  the Republican Party is growing faster than the others numerically.

Most of Eastern Beaufort County is represented by Walter B Jones Jr in the US Congress 3rd District; while most of Western (and south of the Pamlico River) is represented by Eva Clayton in the US Congress 1st District.  All but a very small percentage of the county is represented in the State Senate by Ed Warren (District 9).  A very small percentage is represented in that office by Marc Basnight (District 1).  Zeno Edwards represents Beaufort County in the NC House of Representatives (District 2).

Jesse Helms and John Edwards are the United States Senators from North Carolina.

Bath -- Barbara Modlin
Belhaven -- Charles Boyette
Washington -- Stewart Rumley

Chocowinity -- James Mobley
Washington Park -- Thomas Richter
Pantego -- Glenda Jackson

Beaufort County Personnel Directory

Board of Commissioners
Frank Bonner (Chairman) (2004)
David Moore (Vice Chairman)
Jay McRoy (2004)
Stan Deatherage (2006)
Hood Richardson (2006)

Jerry Langley (2004)
Carolyn Harding (2002)

Register of Deeds
Jennifer Leggett
112 W 2nd Street;
Washington, NC; 27889

County Manager
Donald Davenport
121 W 3rd Street; Washington, NC; 27889

County Clerk of Court
Thomas Payne
112 W 2nd Street; Washington, NC 27889

County Sheriff
Alan Jordan
210 N Market St; Washington, NC; 27889

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