Below, you will find a candidate list, information on running for office, information on registering to vote, and information on the political parties recognized in North Carolina.

Beaufort County Commissioner
Beaufort County has a very controversial method of electing its commissioners. The process is called "Limited Voting." This year there are 3 open seats on the board of commissioners. However, under "Limited Voting", each voter can choose just one candidate.

("I" signifies incumbent)

Carol Cochran - Republican
Cameron De Jong - Libertarian - http://www.votecam.org
Suzanne Gray - Democrat
Billy Jefferson - Democrat
David Moore - Democrat (I)
Earl Tetterton - Republican


Alan Jordan - Democrat (I)
Tommy Miller - Republican

Clerk of Court

Tim Melton - Republican
Thomas Payne - Democrat

NC House -- District 6

Hood Richardson - Republican
Arthur Williams - Democrat

NC Senate -- District 1

Marc Basnight - Democrat (I)
Ronald Toppin, Sr. - Republican

US House -- District 1

Frank Ballance - Democrat
Greg Dority - Republican - http://www.dorityforcongress.com
Mike Ruff - Libertarian

US House -- District 3

Walter B. Jones, Jr. - Republican (I)
Gary Goodson - Libertarian

For other state races (ie judicial), click here


Intro to the Political Process

Many people stay uninvolved in politics.  There are many reasons for this, but the reason I hear the most is that the voter does not trust any of the candidates.  Surely, there are many candidates who will say anything to be elected to an office, but there are many who play fair and stand by their word.  In order to be able to vote in the United States, one must be 18 years of age and have no uncleared felon criminal record.  The person must also be a resident of the county in which they register in.  To run for local office, a person must be 21 years of age and have no criminal record.  The following are requirements for other offices: 

Registering to Vote in Beaufort County

Registering to vote is as easy as going to the local Board of Elections and filling out a voter registration form. You can also go to the various public libraries in Beaufort County to fill out a registration form.  It takes about five minutes to fill out and is well worth the little amount of time spent.  You will only need to provide your name, address, gender, race, and a few other details, as well as party affiliation, and you will be on your way to voting in the elections.  Currently, you have four choices when it comes to registering to vote. You can register as a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Unaffiliated.  The Libertarian Party is not listed on the old forms, as you must put it in the "Other Qualified Party" choice box.  If you register as a Democrat, you can only vote on the Democratic side in the primary; Republicans can vote for Republicans, Libertarians can vote for Libertarians, and Unaffiliated voters can choose between voting on the Republican, Libertarian or Democratic side, but not both.  The Board of Elections is located on Market Street in Washington.  If you have any questions feel free to call Kellie Hopkins, the director, at 946-2321

Basic Political Party Philosophies

There are currently three political parties with ballot access in North Carolina.  They are the Democratic Party, Republican Party, and Libertarian Party.  So not to be biased, here is a very brief summary of each parties views on social and economical issues: 

Democratic Party--Government Regulated Economics, Individual Regulated Social Issues 
Republican Party--Individual Regulated Economics, Government Regulated Social Issues 
Libertarian Party--Individual Regulated Economics and Social Issues 

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