The Old Atlantic Coastline Railroad Station

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The Old Atlantic Coastline Railroad Station

The Old Atlantic Coastline Railroad Station is the pride of the Beaufort County Community.

This restored depot is available for all community events on a rental basis.
Reservations may be made in advance by contacting the center at:

Phone 252--975-9316

Washington Civic Center
116 North Gladden Street
Washington, NC 27889



Construction on the Atlantic Coast Line Depot was begun in 1903. This was roughly 13
years after the citizens voted approval of a $10,000 municipal bond issued for the purpose
of purchasing terminal property to host a branch of the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad
(now known as Atlantic Coast Line). Fortunately the citizens did not have to wait that long
to get the tracks laid. The area had been enjoying train transportation since May 18, 1892.
This was the day Captain Ed Leens (engineer) and Captain William Ellsworth (conductor)
brought the first train into Washington.

At a joyous celebration just prior to the tracks completion, Richard Neal the chief
building engineer, honored Isabel Perry Blount with the privilege of driving the last
connecting (silver) spike. This symbolic spike was given to Isabel Blount and then to
her grandson, John Keals Hoyt III. The Depot building itself wasn’t completed until 1904.

Captain Ellsworth retired after 44 years and Mr. Leens served for 28 years. Captain
Ellsworth often provided thrill rides to teenage boys whom he would allow to board his
train at the "Wye" and then take the short ride into town. The "Wye" was a track just
outside of town where the train could turn around, thus enabling it to back into town.

The Ricks Hotel was located across from the station on Gladden Street where
the Blount-Midyette building was in 1976.

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