"Washington oh Washington"  

  Washington oh Washington how sweet the sound to me,

It reminds me of my childhood life

And your streets I walked so free.

I walked them in the brightest days

And the darkest of the nights,

And I wouldn’t change a single thing,

Everything for me was right,

Standing on your water front,

Watching boats go by

Listening to the ole sea birds

As they circle in the sky.

Standing at the station

To watch that big ole train come in.

Its bringing in the circus,

Its that time of year again.

Little hearts are filled with laughter,

As they parade across the town.

Heading north on seventeen

To the old county fair grounds.

To sit up their big ferris wheel

And that musical merry go round,

Yes those were the good old days

When the circus came to town

Washington oh Washington how sweet the sound to me.

And reminds me of those good ole days

Is pure sweet joy to me.

    By Joe Harris