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John A. Wilkinson High School

1937 - 1989


  • Goal:

"Seeking the Preservation and Utilization of the Historic John A. Wilkinson High School Building for the Benefit of the Greater Belhaven Community."


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caused the Belhaven Schools to be closed and plans for a new school outside the flood plain arose, an effort within the community began to try to save the John A. Wilkinson High School building via the National Historic Registry. It was accepted into nomination on Jan.12th, 1998, and this has saved the structure temporarily. The Friends began to form in mid-1998, organized in the fall, and were incorporated on Nov. 17th. They became a member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation in Jan. 1999. The non-profit Friends have the singular goal of preserving and rehabilitating the John A. Wilkinson building for the use of the entire community. The Friends, with your help, will be able to save this historic structure. Possible tenants include the Museum, Senior Center, Wellness Center, BCCC classes and more. The auditorium will serve for meetings, concerts, reunions, dinners, conventions and parties. The Friends have a total time-frame of one year to plan, raise funds, and begin rehabilitation. If not successful in this effort FEMA will have the building torn down. On the other hand, if the Friends meet all necessary requirements, then FEMA will give $100,283.00 towards the preservation effort.


was built in 1937-1938 by the Public Works Administration. Six other schools in Beaufort County were also constructed by the PWA in the late 1930s. The building was called the Belhaven High School until the mid-1940s, when it was renamed to honor one of Belhaven’s first and leading citizens, John Aaron Wilkinson.

The high school itself has seen fifty-one graduating classes from 1938 to 1989. The class of 1938 held their graduation in the newly constructed auditorium in the spring of 1938. The building was used as a junior high from 1989 to 1997. The number of high school graduates is estimated to be 2, 528.

The Friends effort is a community one. Neither the new schools nor Belhaven will lose one cent because of the preservation work. And, FEMA will remove the structure at no cost should the project fail.

Contributions and pledges are being accepted to preserve and restore this building. Become a Friend today and help the community keep this building for tomorrow—and always.

How you can help.

Time is very important ! Please send us you ideas, comments and suggestions about the John A. Wilkinson Preservation Project.


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Friends of the John A. Wilkinson Building Inc.

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