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$5,000 Reward

Name: Ramirez Emigdio Garcia

D.O.B. -- ?
Race -- Hispanic
Gender -- Male
Height -- 6'
Weight -- 174 pounds
Hair -- Brown
Eyes -- Brown

Wanted for first degree murder in Greene County.

NCIC # WOO1882596 FBI # 247458R9

Contact - Captain Johnny Burrus or Sheriff E.L. Smith in Greene County. 24 Hour phone line 800-722-3411 or fax 252-747-5079 or Beaufort County Crime Stoppers 252-974-6400.




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Beaufort County, North Carolina

We Want your Info---Not your Name

Call 919/974-6400 or Cellular #6400
If you can help Beaufort County Crime Stoppers solve these crimes.
( You do not have to give your name.)

Beaufort Couny Crime Stoppers offers rewards of up to $1000 for information about:
Any Serious Crime The location of stolen property. The location of wanted persons. The location of illegal Drugs.

Crime Stoppers is co-sponsored by Washington-Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce and Beaufort County Sheriff's Department.

What is Crime Stoppers?
Crime Stoppers is a cash awards program that helps police solve crime.

Why does Crime Stoppers work?
Quite simply, Crime Stoppers overcomes two problems that stop citizens from calling their police departments about crime. Crime Stoppers guarantee to all callers is that no one will ever ask your name and that your call is not taped or traced which overcomes the citizen's "Fear of Criminal Retaliation". The second problem is "Apathy" or Why should I get involved - What's in it for me? Crime Stoppers has found that cash awards is all that is needed to overcome apathy.

How does Crime Stoppers Work?
Any person who has information on serious crime can contact the Crime Stoppers office on a phone number which is 919-974-6400. If the information helps police solve crime, the tipster will quality for a cash award from $50.00 to $1,000.00.

Does a Tipster give their name to get paid?
No! When a tipster calls Crime Stoppers he or she is given a tipster number which is their only identification. The tipster will only have to give their number to receive the cash award.

Why is Crime Stoppers Different?
Because Crime Stoppers is a community response to crime and not an extension of the police. It is a partnership between the public, the police and the media. The public are volunteers from all areas of the county who administer and oversee the day to day operations of the program. The police receive the information from the tipsters and ensure that the tip is investigated. The media help Crime Stoppers by publishing or aiding unsolved crimes and ask citizens to help solve a crime by calling Crime Stoppers.

Where does the money come from to pay the Tipster?
Beaufort County Crime Stoppers Association is a registered charity and donations made by citizens, community groups and businesses are tax deductible.

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