The second quarter of the calendar year is popularly known for three pairs of associated things: April showers, May flowers, and June weddings. If you are like me, you probably have seen enough rain lately to last for some time to come. Flowers are beautiful to look at, but may aggravate allergies during this time of the year. Have no fear. Even if you are a confirmed bachelor with no social life to speak of, you can be a witness to a small wedding right here at the museum.

One of the more famous items on display here is a miniature diorama depicting two fleas dressed as a wedding couple. The entire scene is less than one-half inch by one-half inch in size. This makes the use of the provided magnifying glass and light, a requirement for most of us. The "groom" is standing on the left, dressed in a suit. The "bride" is positioned on the right, wearing white and holding what appears to be a parasol.

The story goes that a group of gypsies came by to visit Eva Blount Way, the organizer of this museum, and gave her the happy couple before they left town. She herself made the slightly larger doll-like figurine displayed to the left of the wedding party. It earned her first prize for the smallest doll at a show sponsored by the Business Womens' Auxiliary of St. Peter's Church in Washington, NC in 1941. Her prize was the amount of "one dollar in trade" from the Cherry Furniture Company. (Don't snicker at the small amount. It amounted to a day's wages on the farm at that time!) These two items, displayed together, are a popular attraction for visitors.

Come and see this piece of history and others in "Granny's Attic," the Belhaven Memorial Museum.


Belhaven Treasure #6

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