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Beaufort County residents get a free homepage and e-mail alias with Beaufort-County dot com!

1.  Pages must be personal in nature; no commercial advertising or pages are allowed
2.  Page may have two graphics; neither of which should exceed 8 kb in size (compression recommended)
3.  Page may contain up to three links. Sites linked to must be "g" rated.
4.  All page content must be " G" rated. 

To put a page on the site, you will need to send us a user name.  The site address will be in the form of


Pages are subject to modification, although there will be no modification to the subject matter and links at hand.
Pages are subject to immediate removal from the system under any circumstances deemed suitable by the webmaster.
Sign up using this form, then send files or any questions to: pagesubmit@beaufort-county.com



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